Japanese Sakes

Japanese Sakes
Sake has played a central role in the life of Japan for two thousand years. Today some 1600 breweries in every region of the country are engaged in the production of the national beverage, producing more than 10,000 brands of sake.

The primary ingredients of sake are rice, yeast and spring water. For the finer types of sake, the grains of rice are polished to remove the husk and outer layers. Premium sakes are made from rice polished down 50-70%, brewed at a low temperature over a long period of time following traditional methods developed over the centuries. The higher the polishing ratio, the more delicate and refined the sake.

Premium sake is best enjoyed chilled. *

* (Excerpted from Pacific International Liquor, Inc.)

Jizake Tenzan Junmai Genshu Sake, 300ml
Regular price: $21.00
Case discount price: $18.90
Kitaya Junmai Ginjyo Sake 300ml
Regular price: $13.00
Case discount price: $11.70
Kurashikku Junmai Sake, 300ml
Regular price: $18.00
Case discount price: $16.20
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